New Trojans Infect Macs


More Mac trojans have been detected and security experts fear that the latest infection could be bigger than the first , which has already invaded approximately 700,000 Macs.

Over the weekend, security vendors discovered two versions of the "SabPub" trojan. One traps Mac users with booby-trapped Microsoft Word documents. The other exploits Java by downloading a backdoor Trojan that can link the Mac to a command center via HTTP, where hackers can grab screenshots, upload and download files and remotely execute commands.

As reported by “SabPub is classic backdoor Trojan," said Kaspersky Lab chief security expert Alex Gostev. "It opens full access to a victim’s system for attackers. Flashback and its known variants is downloader and clickjacking bot, which means it conducts click fraud scam by hijacking people’s search engine results inside their web browsers.”