Fish and Game Kills Deer Suspected in Previous Attacks


The Idaho Department of Fish and Game confirmed today that one of its officers killed an aggressive mule deer, which was also suspected in previous attacks. The buck was killed April 7 in rural eastern Idaho near Preston.

An Idaho man who was hiking with two children reported that the buck was circling the trio, "raking its head and stomping the ground." The man called Fish and Game, and when IDFG Officer Korey Owens arrived on the scene, the deer was identified as probably the same animal that had previously threatened others, including a woman who sustained puncture wounds, scratches and bruises in a September 2011 confrontation.

An official statement from IDFG said the deer was "humanely dispatched." The head and neck of the deer have been sent to the Wildlife Health Laboratory in Caldwell for testing to determine if the deer's behavior could be tied to a disease or other health-related issue.