Idaho Democratic Caucus: T.J. Thomson, Tom Hanks and Barack Obama

"Are you fired-up and ready to go?"


Boise Council Member T.J. Thomson was chosen to formally nominate Barack Obama at this morning's Ada County Democratic Presidential Caucus.

"Are you fired-up and ready to go?" Thomson asked, revving up the crowd of approximately 300. "Barack Obama had such a profound impact on my life that I decided to run for public office. He's not a partisan choice, but [his presidency] is in the best interest of our country."

Thomson took particular aim at a favorite target of Idaho Dems—the Idaho Legislature.

"If you're as mad as all get out as I am at the goings-on at the Legislature, then I ask you to channel the intensity of that passion."

Thomson introduced a slickly produced film, narrated by Oscar winner and part-time Idaho resident Tom Hanks, chronicling Obama's successes.

"Let's remember how far we have come," said Hanks. "And look forward to the work still ahead."

The film was followed by the least-suspenseful outcome in modern local political history. Obama picked up 371 Ada County votes, compared to 10 who chose to be "noncommittal."