Gas Prices Dropping at Idaho, National Pumps


Gas prices have shot up as much as 70 cents a gallon since December 2011, but motorists have been a bit surprised this past week to notice that prices at the pumps are actually beginning to go down. With six weeks to go until Memorial Day, a number of states have reported the drop. Gas is now $3.85 per gallon in Michigan (down 5 cents in the past week), $4.33 in Illinois (down 34 cents since the end of March). The national average for a gallon of unleaded gas is $3.93 (down 4 cents in the past week).

Idaho's statewide average at the pump is $3.75 for a gallon of unleaded gas. The cheapest price, $3.53, is being reported in eastern Idaho. The highest prices, $3.95 per gallon, were being reported in north-central Idaho in the Grangeville and Moscow areas.