Dustin Hurst Stretches the Truth While Reporting on Strategies 360


Dustin Hurst, one of the more active tweeters when the Idaho Legislature is in session, is no longer with the Idaho Reporter. He has moved on to Montana Watchdog, a nonprofit web-based media organization. But it's not where Hurst is working, but his journalistic methods that are making news this morning.

The Idaho Statesman's Dan Popkey reports this morning that Hurst called the Seattle office of Strategies 360 earlier this week in regards to the firm's hiring of Brian Cronin as its new senior vice president for its Boise office. But Popkey reports that Hurst didn't identify himself to Strategies 360, let alone say that he was a reporter. Instead, according to Popkey's report, Hurst identified himself as Joe Turner, someone "interested in having you help with some business." Hurst's ruse was to confirm that Cronin had recently been hired by Strategies 360.

But by then, Cronin had spoken to Popkey, as well as Boise Weekly's Andrew Crisp, about his new position and his intentions.

“I’m going to continue what I’ve done for the past 15 years, which is work in the field of marketing and communications,” Cronin said. “I’m now working for a larger company with larger clients.”

Now, Hurst is saying that he regrets the error and was planning to call Cronin and Strategies 360 to apologize.

"This was a one-time incident and not a habitual practice for me," Hurst told Popkey.