Who Is the Real Harvard Man - Obama or Romney?


Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's latest attack on President Barack Obama has to do with higher education - his own.

"We have a president who I think is a nice guy, but he spent too much time at Harvard, perhaps," Romney said Thursday.

The remarks may have appealed to blue-collar voters in Pennsylvania, where the former Massachusetts governor was stumping, except for the fact that there are two degrees from Harvard hanging on Romney's wall. In fact, the New York Daily News reports that Romney spent more time at Harvard than Obama.

In 1975, Romney earned a joint JD-MBA degree at Harvard over the course of four years - one year longer than the three years Obama spent there getting his law degree. Additionally, three of Romney's son have post-graduate degrees from Harvard.

And the Huffington Post reports that Harvard faculty members advise the Romney campaign.

Plus, a review of campaign finance records shows that since 2002, Romney has received more than $56,000 in donations from Harvard professors and/or their spouses.