Police Set Off Pre-Dawn Blast as Diversionary Tactic in Raid


UPDATE April 4

Boise Police and ATF agents served a series of warrants and seized an undisclosed number of weapons. Eight persons face drug charges, such as marijuana possession, possession of drug paraphernalia and/or frequent a place where drugs are sold. The arrests came after several hours of interviewing the suspects.


Boise Police shut off a section of Broadway Avenue early today, and loud "booms" could be heard in the pre-dawn hours as law enforcement raided a home and business and made several arrests in connection with an ongoing weapons and narcotics investigation.

Boise Police teamed up with Idaho State Police and Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms agents in the raid near Longmont and Broadway. The "booms" were incendiary devices that law enforcement used as a diversionary tactic as police swept into the home and the business - Ink Spot Tattoo.

Information regarding the operation is expected to be made public later today.