Star News: New Meadows Mayor Apologizes For Slapping City Clerk


Even though she apologized for slapping a city employee, there are still some ill feelings between New Meadows Mayor Julie Spelman and city clerk Mac Qualls.

The McCall Star News has a follow-up report on a bizarre incident on March 15, when in the heat of an argument over how the town was responding to rising flood waters, Spelman slapped Qualls.

"He came over [and] started telling me that I didn't know what I was doing," Spelman told the Star News. "I tried to tell him what was going on, and he got right in my face and told me to shut up, and that's when I slapped him. We were both completely stressed out."

Spelman was cited with misdemeanor battery, but the complaint was dismissed.

According to the Star News, the New Meadows City Council called for a special meeting to discuss the incident. That's when Spelman told Qualls, "I apologize. I should never have touched you."

But The Star News said that Qualls wasn't entirely satisfied.

"I the problem is, you don't accept that I did not assault you," said Qualls. "You have slandered me, and I'm really upset about that."

Council Member Gina Mencer had some stern words for the mayor.

"I guess what we need to have from you is a commitment that you're going to hold yourself to a higher standard because that's what the mayor of this community needs to be," said Mencer.