Mountain Home Airman Killed in Crash


UPDATE 7:00 p.m.

The United State Air Force identified the victim of an F-15E Strike Eagle air crash as 31-year-old Capt. Francis D. Imlay. Imlay was known to family and friends as Dee.

Officials would not identify to the location of the crash for security reasons, other than to say that the crash occured about 15 miles from a base being suported by the 366th Fighter Wing of Mountain Home.

The Pentagon is investigating the cause of an air crash in Southwest Asia that claimed the life of a crewmember from Mountain Home Air Force Base. The Air Force F-15E Strike Eagle crashed early Wednesday morning, approximately 15 miles outside of a base. In addition to the fatality, a second crewmember was evacuated to a military medical facility for treatment of minor injuries. The Department of Defense has yet to identify either crew member.

More than 300 Mountain Home AFB airmen are currently deployed in Southwest Asia, delivering combat air power to joint operations.