Brainiac Retains Memory Title


There are people with good memories; even fewer with great memories. And then there is 28-year-old Nelson Dellis of Miami, Fla. For the second straight year, he has won the USA Memory Championship, a competition, now in its 15th year, to promote the capabilities of the human brain.

Dellis says he has no special or photograhic memory and claims he misplaces his keys or forgets whether he's showered. But he broke a world record this weekend by memorizing 330 random numbers in five minutes. The previous record was 248 numbers.

Among the other challenges: competitors had to recall 99 names and faces, a 50-line unpublished poem and 200 random words.

Dellis, a University of Miami physics graduate with a 3.9 GPA, said his good grades were more of a product of hard work than natural brilliance. He says he likes to utilize his notoriety to call attention to Alzheimer's disease, which claimed his grandmother as a victim.