Boise Historic Commission to Consider Jesus Urquides Memorial at Pioneer Cemetery


When Boise's Historic Preservation Commission convenes on Monday, it will consider a unique project designed to enhance the historic Pioneer Cemetery, in preparation for next year's Boise sesquicentennial.

The Boise Arts and History Department has commissioned a memorial to be built at the Warm Springs Avenue landmark to commemorate Jesus Urquides. Urquides was a Mexican-American pioneer citizen of Boise. His so-called "Urquides Village" was comprised of worker cabins, a supply packer's corral, several outbuildings and the residence of the Urquides family for 87 years. Urquides is buried in Pioneer Cemetery.

The new project would construct a Urquides Plaza and a new stone gateway to Pioneer Cemetery, to be known as the Gate of Names. The plaza will include sandstone benches, mosaics, illuminated image viewers, inlaid maps and enhanced landscaping. The project, if approved, would be completed by the end of 2012.