New Meadows Mayor Slaps Her Clerk, Charged With Battery


Apparently, things got a little heated when the cold rain was pounding the Adams County community of New Meadows last weekend.

The McCall Star News reports that New Meadows Mayor Julie Spelman slapped her city clerk in a rather dramatic moment on the night of March 15. That's when City Clerk Mac Qualls showed up at Spelman's doorstep and reportedly told Spelman that she didn't know what she was doing when she ordered that an Idaho Transportation Department piece of equipment be used to haul gravel and make dikes along New Meadows streets, which were quickly flooding.

"He came over (and) started telling me that I didn't know what I was doing," Spelman told the Star News. "I tried to tell him what was going on and he got right in my face and told me to shut up and that's when I slapped him. We were both completely stressed out."

Spelman was officially charged with misdemeanor battery, and while Spelman is expected to appear before an Adam County judge concerning the matter, Qualls told the Star News that on March 24, he wrote a letter to New Meadows city prosecutor asking him to drop the charge. But Qualls told the prosecutor that his request "goes against everything I believe," saying that he had always urged victims of domestic battery to press charges "and to allow the court system that is in place to stand for victims' rights."