Feds: No Information on Integrity of Pipelines Carrying Fracked Gas


A new federal audit concludes that federal officials know nothing about thousands of miles of pipelines that carrying natural gas released through fracking.

The U.S. Government Accountability Office issued its report on Thursday and said that nationwide, about 240,000 miles of gathering pipelines ferry the gas and oil to processing facilities, and that most of those miles are not regulated and therefore are not regularly inspected for leaks and/or corrosion.

The GAO report cited "limited or no information on pipeline integrity as among the highest risks for federally unregulated pipelines."

The expansion of hydraulic fracturing, which was recently included in new rules drafted for Idaho's burgeoning oil and gas industry, involves shattering rock thousands of feet underground with a combination of water, sand and chemicals. Idaho's rules, recently approved by the Idaho Legislature, makes no exception for the use of carcinogenic materials in the fracking method.