Idaho Site Fined $184K for Failure to Report Disposal of Hazardous Waste


The U.S. government said today that a Southwest Idaho hazardous waste disposal site failed to report the on-site disposal of thousands of pounds of chemicals.

The Environmental Protection Agency slapped U.S. Ecology Idaho with $184,400 in fines for disposing 10,000 pounds each of aluminum, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, copper, diethanolamine, ethylene glycol, manganese, nickel, nitric acid, selenium, silver, thallium and zinc at its Grand View site. The EPA said U.S. Ecology has since corrected the violations.

Through follow-up reporting to the EPA, U.S. Ecology Idaho said it had failed to report the on-site disposal of 20 chemicals and chemical categories during 2009. The federal agency said many of the chemicals disposed at the facility have dangerous human health effects and risks.