Chuck Winder's Social Network


Idaho State Sen. Chuck Winder has a problem - depending on how often he or his staff check the Internet, the problem is growing by the minute.

Winder courted controversy when he unveiled Senate Bill 1387, a measure that requires all Idaho women, even victims of rape or incest, to undergo an ultrasound before they could have an abortion. The bill met stiff public opposition before the State Senate Affairs Committee, but ultimately Winder carried the legislation onto the Senate floor, where it passed 23-12. The Idaho House is now considering the bill.

But on March 19, during his closing testimony before the Senate, Winder made the following remarks:

“Rape and incest was used as a reason to oppose this. I would hope that when a woman goes into a physician, with a rape issue, that that physician will indeed ask her about perhaps her marriage, was this pregnancy caused by normal relations in a marriage, or was it truly caused by a rape,” said Winder. “I assume that’s part of the counseling that goes on.”

The remarks spread like wildlife, and editorials from across the nation - including the Washington Post - blasted Winder.

And Winder's Facebook page has been overflowing with commentary. Here's a small sample:

"Keep your old wrinkled ass outta other peoples sex lives, ya pervert."

"Your misogyny is showing."

"As a female assault victim I find myself very disturbed at your statements and very upset over the laws that are being created for women in this country."

"Chuck Winder needs an anal ultrasound."


Additionally, someone has been tinkering with Winder's Wikipedia biography but either Winder or his staff are quick to erase the remarks.