Lawmakers Question Funding for Youth Boot Camp


Too many unanswered questions surrounding the National Guard Youth Challenge Program put possible funding for the boot camp-style program in jeopardy as Idaho lawmakers sent the measure from the floor of the Idaho House back to committee.

The Lewiston Tribune reports this morning that the program, which would be headquartered in the Clearwater County community of Pierce, is designed as an alternative school for potential high-school dropouts. Its proposed annual budget would be $3.1 million and would require a minimum of $500,000 for start-up funds needed to renovate the Pierce school and add residential units.

The Tribune reports that Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter had recommended that the funds be pulled from the Division of Veterans Services reimbursement account.

But several legislators expressed their concerns Friday that they hadn't received enough information on the planned school, including how or where federal funds would come from.

Ultimately, the bill was sent back to the House Education Committee for further consideration.