Anti-Bullying Bill Passes Through Senate


Following a year-and-a-half of compromising and this morning's lengthy debate, the Idaho Senate voted 25-8 to advance Senate Bill 1358a - better known as the anti-bullying bill. The measure, sponsored by Boise Democratic Sen. Nicole LeFavour, requires Idaho school districts to have policies in place to protect public school children from bullying. The bill also would require training for teachers and staff.

"When parents send their kids to school, they need to know that the school will do everything in their power to make their kids safe," said LeFavour. "Many schools do a wonderful job, but unfortunately, there are schools in our state that don't."

LeFavour said the Idaho Department of Education has "been receiving more than one call a week from parents who are concerned that their school isn't doing anything about the bullying that their child is experiencing."

After some debate over financial effects and exemptions for home-schooled children, the bill now heads to the House for consideration.