2011 Boise Crime Stats: Overall Crime Rate Down


Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson stood before Boise City Council members this afternoon to unveil the city's crime statistics for 2011. You can read the full report here: 2011_yr_end_BoiseCityStatisticalSummary.pdf

The news was mostly good, indicating a continuing downward trend in the overall crime rate. The report indicated that major crime decreased, including drops in burglary (down 4.4 percent) and theft (down 3.8 percent). Murder was down (with the only incident reported in 2011) but robbery remained steady (60 reports).

Reports of rape were down 20 percent, but reports of forcible sexual assault saw a dramatic increase of more than 47 percent. So-called non-forcible sexual assault (defined as incest and statutory rape) was down slightly. Police also reported an increase of arrests involving pornographic or obscene material (up 70 percent).

Masterson said the city's graffitti continues to "skyrocket," indicating a 34 percent increase in 2011, following a 2010 increase of 39 percent.

Another concern for BPD were suicidal threats. Today's report revealed a steady increase of people threatening suicide. Suicidal threat calls have jumped 39 percent since 2008. Reports of individuals overdosing has also seen a steady increase. You can read that report here: Suicide_MentalHolds_2004_to_2011_Qtr4_1.pdf