Lawmaker: 'We Have to Protect Citizens From Their Own Stupidity.' Senate Approves Texting-While-Driving Ban


The Idaho Senate voted this morning to approve a measure which would ban texting while driving in Idaho. The vote was 29 to 6, with no votes coming from Meridian Sens. Russ Fulcher and Shirley McKague, Caldwell Sen. Curt McKenzie, Cottonwood Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll, New Plymouth Sen. Monty Pearce and Dalton Gardens Sen. Steve Vick, all Republicans.

"Reaching for a smart phone is second nature," said Huston Sen. Patti Anne Lodge, who voted for the bill. "With the exuberance of youth, they don't understand the dangers of driving while texting."

Sagle Sen. Joyce Broadsword, also voting "yes," said she had texted while behind the wheel.

"I found myself weaving and not being in my lane of traffic," said Broadsword. "We have to make sure that we're protecting citizens from their own stupidity."

Broadsword later told Citydesk that she wanted to make clear that she was referring to her own experience, and by no means meant to refer to the general citizenry.

The measure now heads to the Idaho House, where a similar measure died two years ago.