North Central Idaho Lawmakers Oppose Land Swap


Controversy continues to swirl around a proposed land swap in north central Idaho and now Idaho County Commissioners want to go on the record in opposition to the plan.

The Lewiston Tribune reports that the lawmakers told the U.S. Forest Service that they don't like the idea of the swap that would see timbered land in the Upper Lochsa River Basin handed over to the federal government. But the commissioners also said that the deal between the USFS and Western Pacific Timber company is likely to go through.

The proposed plan would trade approximately 40,000 acres in the Upper Lochsa River Basin for a select number of land parcels owned by the USFS, all in Idaho County.

The Forest Service covets the lands in the Upper Lochsa region for wildlife management. In return, it is proposing to swap land bordering the Fish Creek camping and skiing area seven miles south of Grangeville, in addition to other select land parcels.