Boise Business Leaders Endorse Supplemental Levy


Advocates for the proposed supplemental levy, which will be put before voters Tuesday, March 13, in the Boise School District, announced this morning that they had received significant support from some heavy hitters in the Treasure Valley business community.

The Boise Metro Chamber, Boise Valley Economic Partnership, KeyBank and the Stoel Rives law firm all threw their public support for the five-year, $14 million annual levy.

"We need to keep the talented teachers we have, protect manageable class sizes and supply essential classroom resource," said Clark Krause, BVEP executive director.

Friends of Boise Schools, the organization spearheading the drive for "yes" votes, said a potential loss of 230 teachers is at stake in the vote, which will take place four weeks from today.

"A strong school district that provides an educated and skilled workforce is good for our local economy, for our clients, and for the families of our employees," said Krista McIntyre of Stoel Rives.