Protesters Have a Few Words for McGee


When Republican Sen. John McGee was busted on June 19, 2011, for drunk driving, stealing a vehicle, and crashing it into someone's lawn, he told police that he "was heading for the promised land."

Those words came back to haunt McGee today, when a protester, dressed as Jesus, picketed the Idaho Statehouse with a sign that read: "Hey McGee! In the promised land we don't discriminate."

Words matter to the protester and his colleagues, who targeted McGee and seven other Republican members of the Senate State Affairs Committee, who last Friday voted no to a hearing on the Add the Words initiative, designed to prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation or identity.

"Our neighboring states have protections - Nevada, Washington and Oregon," said Add the Words supporter Lisa Perry. "Residents of Twin Falls can even drive 40 minutes to Jackpot and work in a safer environment.

Protesters promised to continue their pickets throughout the week.