Full NTSB Probe Into Appleton Crash Could Take Six to 12 Months


A preliminary report by the National Transportation Safety Board into Friday's plane crash that killed Micron CEO Steve Appleton is expected in five days. A final NTSB investigation into the crash at Boise Airport may take anywhere from six to 12 months. But the Federal Aviation Administration issued a safety warning two years ago on the experimental high performance plane, which crashed at the Boise Airport killing Appleton.

Witnesses told officials Friday that they saw Appleton's aircraft "make a steep bank, stall and roll into the ground." According to the eyewitnesses the plane crash-landed upside down between two airport runways at aproximately 9 a.m. on Friday.

The Lanceair 4 experimental aircraft was the subject of a March 2010 FAA safety advisory, which said the plane could "expose pilots to additional risk during slow-speed operations while close to the ground and with little time to recover from an unintentional stall."