Megaupload Data Gets Two-Week Reprieve


Megaupload users will have at least two more weeks before their data is wiped clean. The Washington Post reports that Megaupload worked with its hosting companies to preserve data for another two weeks.

"Carpathia and Cogent agreed to preserve consumer data for additional time of at least two weeks so Megaupoload can work with U.S. on proposal," tweeted Ira Rothken, Megaupload's attorney.

It had already been reported that hosting companies were going to wipe Megaupload's files from their servers by Thursday, Feb. 2, but Carpathia, a hosting site, quickly denied the wipeout date.

The FBI shut down Megaupload on Jan. 19 for violating piracy laws. Its founder, Kim Schmitz was placed in a New Zealand jail and the company's assets were frozen, making it unable to pay bills to hosting sites. Megaupload claimed to have 50 million users per day, who stored their own data, including photos and personal documents. Users haven't been able to view their data since the site was shut down.