Lawmaker Wants to Eliminate Specialty Plates Through Attrition


The Idaho Legislature is again considering a bill to limit the abundance of specialty license plates in the Gem State.

“My wife and I both have vanity plates,” Coeur d'Alene Sen. James Hammond, the bill's sponsor, told Citydesk. "This bill doesn’t propose restricting citizens from supporting a cause through license plate purchases, it just limits the choices to state and other public agencies."

Yes, that means even the Famous Potato plate, one of 39 specialty plates available through the Department of Motor Vehicles, could be eliminated.

Hammond is looking for "specialty cause" plates to sell a minimum of 1,000 plates in three years.

“It’s a process of elimination,” Hammond said. "If there are no longer WWII veterans renewing their license plates, the plate is no longer in demand."

Ordering a military plate requires a document proving service, but most plates, such as those for Freemasons, don't require verification.

“State police have come to a consensus that identifying license plates is more difficult,” said Hammond