Gallup Poll: Congressional Ethics Rating at All-Time Low


Never before in the Gallup Organization's 35-year history has Congress received such low ethics ratings as it has in the latest poll released this morning.


A record 64 percent of American adults rated the honesty and ethical standards for Congress as "low" or "very low." Only congressional lobbyists have ever reached that low in a Gallup poll, also hitting a 64 percent mark in 2008.

Telemarketers and car salesmen topped 60 percent in previous polls.

Medical professionals (doctors, nurses and pharmacists) got the highest marks for ethics in today's poll.

"Some of the frustration with Congress is no doubt related to the poor economy, which is also keeping down President Obama's job ratings," wrote Gallup. "Congress' poor ratings also likely result from the institution's inability to address the key issues facing the country, such as jobs and the federal budget deficit, with the failure of the supercommittee to reach agreement on deficit reduction a recent example."