Skinhead Knocked Out by Victim Now Faces Hate-Crime Sentence


Daren Abbey
  • Courtesy Kootenai County Sheriff's Dept.
  • Daren Abbey

The Coeur d'Alene Press reports that a north Idaho man entered a so-called "Alford" plea on Thursday, admitting that there was enough evidence to convict him of a hate crime.

Prosecutors said that Daren Abbey had threatened to stab a black man, saying "blacks were not welcome in Bayview and he had better leave before something happened," according to police. Abbey then allegedly poked the victim in the chest.

But Abbey, a self-proclaimed skinhead who sports several neo-Nazi tatoos, got knocked out with one punch by the black man during the July 3 incident. Abbey later told officials that he felt he had been "hit by a brick." Abbey apparently was unaware of the writing on the back of the black man's T-shirt: "Spokane Boxing Club Champion."

Abbey was charged with felony malicious harassment (Idaho's hate-crime law) and battery. He was released, but will need to return to court on March 9 for sentencing.