Report: Idaho Spends Only $3.08 Per Smoker to Help Them Quit


With less than a month to go before new anti-smoking ordinances go into effect, more than a few Boiseans may need to consider kicking their tobacco habit. But a new report from the American Lung Association says Idaho is falling short in helping those who want to stop smoking.

"Idaho joins the majority of states that are failing to do enough to help smokers quit," said Renee Klein, president of the American Lung Association of the Mountain Pacific. "Idaho cannot afford the economic and health consequences of failing to make it a priority to help smokers quit."

According to the report, Idaho spends approximately $3.08 per smoker to help them quit, while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends an investment of $10.53. The study said 1.68 percent of Idaho smokers were treated for their addiction in 2010.