Fired Principal Accuses New Meadows District of Slander


UPDATE: According to a follow up report in the McCall Star-News on January 19:

Criminal charges of battery were dropped last week against Jon Hussman, the former principal of Meadows Valley School in New Meadows. Also last week, MV trustees approved a settlement in which Hussman agreed to drop a claim against the district. As part of the settlement, Hussman resigned his position and was paid an undisclosed amount of money.

Original Post — Saturday, Dec. 3

School trustees in New Meadows were hoping to keep private a personnel matter, which resulted in the firing of Jon Hussman, a principal at Meadows Valley School. However the details of the incident that led to the firing could become very public after the principal filed suit against the district for what he called improper actions.

Hussman was charged with misdemeanor battery following a complaint from a student who told Adams County Sheriffs investigators that Hussman had touched her inappropriately. According to a report in the McCall Star News the student told investigators that Hussman had caressed her hair, winked at her and told her she was "dressed to kill." The student said Hussman continued to make inappropriate comments later the same day. Hussman pleaded not guilty to the charge and faces a trial in January. If convicted, he faces up to six months in jail and up to a $1,000 fine.

Hussman was suspended by the school board on October 13 and fired on November 7. According to the Star News, Hussman, in his $200,000 suit against the district, claimed he was deprived of his rights of due process and accused the district of libel, slander and damage to his professional career.