Boise's Smoking Ordinance Faces Final Vote Today


The Boise City Council will hold its final vote tonight on two proposed smoke-free ordinances first drafted in September of this year. This evening's session marks the City Council's first meeting at the Idaho State Capitol while City Hall undergoes a facelift.

The ordinances have been reworked in the past few months, fine-tuned in response to criticism at a handful of public information meetings and council work sessions. In addition to the ban on smoking in bars and city parks, the ordinances host new provisions.

E-cigarettes are, after some contention, formally exempt from the ban.

Hookah bars will still be barred from indoor smoking.

The Grove Plaza, Ann Morrison and Julia Davis parks will all be smoke-free, save for special designated smoking zones, to be disclosed at a later date.

All ticketing, boarding and waiting areas for buses and taxi cabs will be smoke-free, in addition to the buses and taxi cabs themselves. If passed, occupants of cabs licensed in Boise will be barred from smoking, be it passenger or driver.