Boise State Students Set Record With Vegetable Oil Truck


  • Courtesy: Greenspeed Team

A team of Boise State students set a new record Saturday, racing their vegetable-oil-powered vehicle in El Mirage, Calif., and they will be back on the track today to set their sights even higher.

BW readers have already met Dave Schenker and Seth Fuerborn, the men behind the record-breaking effort. Considering that a year ago, they didn't even have a vehicle makes the accomplishment from their club, Greenspeed, even more impressive.

"We are 99 percent sure that we will break the land-speed record for vegetable oil," Schenker told BW. "Our ultimate goal is to beat the petroleum-based-land-speed record."

The team is competing with a revamped 1998 Chevy S-10 truck.

"It's not really a conversion," said Schenker. "The vehicle has an extra tank. You have your diesel tank and you have your vegetable oil tank. You fire it up, get it to operating temperature, and it starts burning vegetable oil automatically."