'Obamacare' Foes Fired Up at Idaho Freedom Foundation Event


Fear was on the menu today, as the Idaho Freedom Foundation hosted a noontime luncheon pow-wow, urging the gathering to stop the Affordable Care Act, even though participants never used the name of the law. Instead, so-called Obamacare was vilified by two guest speakers, Michael Cannon, the Cato Institute's director of health policy studies, and Christie Herrera, health care policy analyst with the American Legislative Exchange Council.

"Idaho will see a 35.8 percent increase on its Medicaid rolls by 2014," warned Herrera. "Idaho will be on the hook for $155 million in Medicaid costs over the next 10 years."

When asked about Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter's decision to take $30.9 million in "Obamacare" money to set up a health-care exchange, Cannon fired back his answer.

"He should send it back," said Cannon. "It was a huge, colossal mistake and he should know better. My God."

The attendees were a friendly group, with not too many challenges to Herrera and Cannon's charges. The event was in conjunction with the Idaho Freedom Foundation's workshop tonight at the Boise State Student Union building to "stop Obamacare and fight for freedom."

Christie Herrera and Michael Cannon at Idaho Freedom Foundation Stop Obamacare Event
  • Christie Herrera and Michael Cannon speak at the Idaho Freedom Foundation's "Stop Obamacare" event Monday.