Say Goodbye to Buzz


Google is preparing to pull the life-support plug on Buzz, its highly unsuccessful attempt to rival Facebook in social networking. According to a Friday post on Google Inc.'s blog, Buzz will be shut down within the next few weeks.

"To succeed you need real focus and thought—thought about what you work on and just as important, what you don't work on," said Google vice president Bradley Horowitz. "It's why we recently decided to shut down some products and turn others into features of existing products."

Google's 20-month foray into the social network unleashed a flood of privacy complaints and trouble with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. Under an FTC settlement, Google had to agree to independent privacy audits every two years for 20 years.

According to a company statement, Google will now focus more on Google+, a three-and-a-half month old service which has already attracted more than 40 million users.