T.J. Thomson: Real Smoking Ban Debate Concerns Parks


While Citydesk's inbox continues to fill up with commentary on all sides of the debate surrounding Boise's proposed anti-smoking ordinances, City Council Member T.J. Thomson is convinced that the some of the most fiery debate regarding the proposed ban is with large parks.

"That is where the real conversation lies, in my opinion," said Thomson.

The councilman's own Facebook page is soliciting comments from citizens on the parks debate.

Where I want to hear public input (i.e., from YOU) specifically, regarding the proposed smoking ban ordinance(s), is with parks. In particular, LARGE parks, such as Ann Morrison, Julia Davis, Marianne Williams, and Veterans Memorial. Keep your comments specific to these types of large parks. Do you support a smoking ban in LARGE parks? Also, any comments regarding a smoking ban at Warm Springs Golf Course? Hey Golfers - I am talking to you. The 'Stanford Outdoor Tobacco Smoke Study' suggests that around a smoker, you have "little problem" at just 6 feet away. So do we really want to ban smoking at large parks? Your thoughts mean something to me. I represent YOU. Please share.