Boise River Recreation Park Flowing Toward Reality


Two Boise City Hall sessions this week could provide smooth waters for Boise's new river recreation park. The park will be located on the Boise River between Main Street and Veterans Memorial Parkway, and if all goes as planned, the first phase will be opened to the public in spring 2012.

On Monday, the Planning and Zoning Commission will consider a permit to clear and excavate river banks, in preparation for the Ray Neef M.D. River Recreation Park. Part of the five-month construction project is expected to include the removal of the 100-year-old Thurman Mill diversion dam.

On Tuesday, the Boise City Council will take up a revised development agreement with a group calling itself Friends of Parks and Recreation. While the city will assume all management responsibilities of the new park, the "friends" will have fundraising responsibilities.

All in, construction costs are expected to reach $1.7 million-$1.9 million.