Ice Shelves Melting, Evergreens Dying


Two stark reports reveal the ever-increasing realities of global warming.

Canadian scientists published new research concluding that two ice shelves that existed long before Canada was settled by Europeans have diminished significantly this summer. Research indicated that the loss is slowly returning the Canadian Arctic to conditions that date back thousands of years. Floating icebergs have broken free, posing significant risk to shipping lanes and offshore oil facilties.

In Saturday's New York Times, western Montana is featured as a stark reality of how climate warming is turning evergreens earthy red. The trees, according to the report, are falling victim to beetles that used to be controlled, in part, by bitterly cold winters.

"Across millions of acres, the pines of the northern and central Rockies are dying," said the report. "Just one among many types of forests that are showing signs of distress these days."