AP: McGee, McKenzie Collecting Per Diem While Living Less Than 30 Miles from Capitol


The Associated Press' John Miller reports that Republican State Sen. John McGee, though he lives 26 miles from the Statehouse, requested and collects a $122 per diem while sleeping at his parents' home in Boise. According to Miller, McGee declined to say whether he pays his parents any rent. The AP reports that McGee's per diem "adds up to some $6,000 annually."

The same report reveals Republican Sen. Curt McKenzie, who lives 22 miles away in Nampa, took extra per diem cash during this year's legislative session.

Senate President Pro Tem Brent Hill and House Speaker Lawerence Denney approve per diems, which also include once-weekly travel costs to and from Boise. The expense is traditionally approved for lawmakers travelling from remote sections of Idaho.

"I qualify for per diem just like every other legislator," McGee texted the AP.