Mountain Lion Killed Following Attack on Boy


Officers with Idaho Fish and Game, the Boise County Sheriff's Department, and an off-duty Meridian Police officer tracked and killed a juvenile female mountain lion Thursday night after the animal attacked a 10-year-old boy.

The youngster and his father were hunting for a missing dog in heavy sagebrush about 8:30 p.m. Thursday near their Mores Creek home. When they spotted the lion, the boy ran but the animal caught him, scratching his arm and hand. The boy's father shot a handgun into the air and the lion ran away. The boy was not seriously injured.

Law enforcement found the lion a short time later, protecting her prey-the missing hunting dog. The lion was shot and killed.

Officials with Fish and Game said today that at least one or two lions are still expected to be in the area.

Another mountain lion was spotted and killed near St. Al's Regional Medical Center in Boise on Sept. 7. And a juvenile mountain lion was spotted near Ten Mile and King roads in Kuna in August.