Mtn. Express: 'Protect Idaho's Political Minority'


Idaho's redistricting commissioners failed to meet their deadline last week, effectively dismantling that commission and forcing the creation of a second team to tackle the job of redrawing the state's political boundaries.

Today, the Idaho Mountain Express out of the Wood River Valley published an editorial admonishing the Republican Party for not doing its part to promote a healthy two-party balance by protecting Idaho's Democrats.

So, instead of fighting tooth and nail to protect Republicans, to pit highly conservative Republicans against moderates or to break up the mere handful of Democratic districts left in the state, the Republicans on the commission ought to work with Democrats to prevent the utter extinction of Idaho's political minority.

This may sound like one of those namby-pamby "can't we all just get along" theories that some people believe have no place in politics. It's not. Even the nation's founding fathers recognized that an unopposed majority could result in tyranny.

There's a problem with long-term, out-sized majorities. When they face too little countervailing political muscle, they get flabby and careless. In the worst cases, they may become intellectually and politically corrupt.

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