Boise Bike Count To Start on Tuesday


Newly formed bicycle interest group the Ada Bike Alliance will be staging a bike count Tuesday through Thursday of this week in various locations throughout Boise.

Rick Overton, chairman of the ABA, said the goal is to gather information for a national database that can be provided to local city planners to better assess the level of bicycle infrastructure the city needs. Overton said the count is necessary because previous bike counts have been too targeted to specific locations or intersections for which projects are planned.

"We're hoping to gather something that's more universally instructive for planners," said Overton.

More than 40 volunteers will be taking shifts and counting bikes on a clipboard. They will be posted everywhere from the Greenbelt to Cloverdale to the area surrounding the proposed new multimodal transit center and even some spots that aren't recognized as bike routes.

"We want to know not only how people are using the suggested routes but how many people are using the non-suggested routes," said Overton.

Overton said a major area of focus will be in western Ada County, where planners are considering the amount of wayfinding signage to incorporate into development.

Citydesk will keep you posted on the findings.