Boise No. 2 for Safest Drivers?


According to Allstate Insurance, in a story from USA Today, Boise ranks behind only Fort Collins, Colo., in the Top 5 Safest American Cities for drivers. The Annual Best Drivers Report, released Sept. 2, claims Fort Collins has an accident rate 28.6 percent below the national average. Drivers average 14 years between being involved in an accident, Allstate says. It was ranked first last year as well

Fort Collins' population is 143,986, compared to Boise's 205,671. The city is home to Colorado State University, with a few thousand more students than Boise State, which seems to buck the trend of younger drivers as more unsafe.

Ranking behind Boise were Lincoln, Neb.; Chandler, Ariz.; and Huntsville, Ala. But it looks like Boise is getting safer, even though our roads aren't: Boise moved up from third place last year, to second place this year.