Fish and Wildlife: Wolves Killing More Idaho Cattle and Sheep


The Times News reports this morning that wolves are killing more livestock in Idaho. As the Gem State launched another wolf hunting season Tuesday, officials with Idaho Fish and Game said depredation cases by wolves were up by more than 17 percent compared to last year. And according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, wolves have attacked and killed 50 cattle, 34 sheep and three dogs in the past year.

"We're hoping that this hunt deters future livestock kills," Mike Keckler of Fish and Game told the Times News.

Keckler said Idaho experienced a notable drop in depredations during the last wolf hunt in 2009.

""It dropped by 50 percent during the beginning of the [2009] hunting season," he said. "We believe the wolves got wise. They were being hunted and knew it was best to stay clear of humans and livestock."