Simpson Targets EPA With Series of 'Riders'


When Congress returns from its extended recess in September, Idaho Republican Rep. Mike Simpson will have the Environmental Protection Agency in his crosshairs. Simpson has targeted the EPA's regulatory authority in a series of so-called "riders," attached to 2012 appropriations bills.

Simpson's communications director Nikki Watts told the Huffington Post that the EPA provides too many redundancies.

"(Streams and wetlands) are already being regulated through the United States Department of Agriculture," said Watts. "And the Congressman feels there is no need to be regulated by two different departments."

Watts said Simpson's riders reflect his constituency.

"It's just a frustration that Congress is hearing from across the country about the EPA either over-regulating, or changing the rules, or being a huge hindrance on job creation," she said.

According to a spokesman from the Natural Resources Defense Council, one appropriations bill is "loaded with almost 40 anti-environmental provisions."