BCVB Receives $24,500 Check From GBAD


The Boise Convention and Visitors Bureau confirmed today that it received a check from the Greater Boise Auditorium District. The $24,500 check is to fund a temporary professional services contract with GBAD, expiring at the end of September. The amount was approved by the GBAD board on July 11, but the check had not been signed until yesterday. GBAD treasurer Stephanie Astorquia had refused to sign the check, challenging the legality of the contract. So, GBAD chairman Hy Kloc ultimately signed the check, which was delivered to BCVB yesterday.

Meanwhile, debate swirls around GBAD board member Mike Fitzgerald, who is spending his days and nights in Eastern Idaho since taking a job in Pocatello. You can read about the controversy in this week's BW.