No More Qwest, Say Hello to CenturyLink Arena



Say goodbye to the Qwest Arena. No, not the building on Front Street. Just the name. The 15-year-old building (previously known as the Bank of America Centre) is now officially known as CenturyLink Arena.

CenturyLink bought Qwest for approximately $22.4 billion, making it the third-largest telecommunication provider in the United States. When CenturyLink assumed its Idaho operations, it began serving 75 communities across the Gem State and claimed 1,400 new employees, half of whom work at CenturyLink operations at 999 Main St. in Boise. Additionally, CenturyLink announced this afternoon that it committed to sponsorship of the Boise arena that has carried the Qwest label since 2005.

"It's hard to imagine our downtown without this arena," said Boise Mayor Davie Bieter. "Thanks to this sponsorship, we never have to imagine that."

The new CenturyLink green and black logo is already going up on signs and scoreboards. And the Qwest Arena website already links users to