Editorial: "People Will Want An Answer" From McGee


An editorial in this morning's Idaho Press-Tribune said that Sen. John McGee may have dodged a bullet when the Canyon County Republican Central Committee decided not to launch a formal investigation into the Republican leader's recent DUI, but he still has some answering to do when it comes to his constituents.

"If he runs again, people will want an answer," said the editorial. The Press-Tribune has its widest distribution in Canyon County, the tent pole of McGee's district. Its editorial board is comprised of its publisher, managing editor, opinion editor and five Canyon County citizens. From the editorial:

"McGee will have a cloud over his head for quite some time, and it will give him an obstacle to overcome that he had yet to deal with in his relatively young political career. He still hasn't provided any sort of tangible corroboration of his claim he suffered a concussion on that night. That would give voters a legitimate reason to believe it was as much a medical problem as it was just drunken foolishness. So it looks like we'll just have to take him at his word about that, as well as what happened during all those hours between when he left the golf course and when he crashed the vehicle he stole into a nearby yard."