State Education Board to Consider New 60 Percent Goal


The Idaho State Board of Education convenes today on the campus of Idaho State University in Pocatello. The two-day session has a full agenda including an ambitious work session on something called the "60 Percent Goal."

Simply put—though the execution is anything but simple—the board is being asked to establish the goal that 60 percent of young Idahoans age 25-34 will have a degree or certificate of value by the year 2020. The 2009 U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey estimated the higher education level of this population at 31.4 percent.

If valid the new assumption would call for approximately 74,360 more individuals in the target population needing to obtain a degree for Idaho to achieve the 60 percent goal. That equates to approximately a 9-percent increase in annual degree production above the current trend.