Soldier Pleads Guilty to War Crimes, Is Expected to be Witness in Holmes Trial


A soldier, one of five accused of war crimes, pleaded guilty Friday afternoon to involuntary manslaughter. Spc. Adam Winfield is the second of five soldiers to reach a plea agreement with military prosecutors, admitting to his role in the killings of an unarmed Afghan. The case gained international notoriety with the publication of grisly photos of the soldiers posing next to corpses.

Winfield told a military court at Joint Base Lewis-McChord outside of Seattle that he did not fire directly at an Afghan civilian. But he did admit to failing to intervene to halt the actions of two other soldiers involved in the killing. He is now expected to be an important witness in future trials, including one involving Pfc. Andrew Holmes of Boise. Holmes was released from pretrial detention in June after an Army judge recommended that the charge against him be reduced to manslaughter.