Crapo Ready to Vote for Debt Deal


Though he says it's not perfect, Idaho's senior U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo told Citydesk this morning that he is ready to vote "aye" for a bipartisan deal that raises the federal debt ceiling while slashing hundreds of billions of dollars from federal programs.

"I intend to support the resolution," said Crapo. "Although it doesn't go as far as I would have liked, it does focus on spending restraint rather than spending increases, and it does so without raising taxes."

Crapo also criticized the recent rhetoric surrounding Tea Partiers. Several news sources reported late Monday that during a heated closed-door debate about the debt deal, someone labeled Tea Partiers "terrorists."

"The efforts to vilify the Tea Party are wholly unfounded," said Crapo. "These are Americans who are fed up with the overspending in Washington. Frankly, I give the Tea Party and those that have supported them a huge amount of credit for the progress that we have made in this Congress."