Opposition Grows to Bridge Facility, Possible Conflict of Interest Cited


A group of Payette County citizens are stepping up their efforts to derail Bridge Resources' plans to build to a natural gas dehydration facility in their backyard. Opponents call the proposed plant a refinery. Bridge officials say the facility is necessary to complete its effort to turn the successful gas wells into a commercially viable product.

Following a testy four-and-a-half hour public hearing on the matter earlier this month, some residents who grew weary of the marathon have decided to protest in writing.

"By now, I'd say we have close to 100 residents that are on the record against this," Mike Dalton of New Plymouth told Citydesk. Dalton delivered the extra protest letters to Payette County officials on Wednesday.

Additionally, the group of opponents has formally asked for any members of the county Planning and Zoning Commission to disclose any conflict of interest on the matter. Dalton told Citydesk that he is aware of at least three of the county's 12 P&Z commissioners who have signed personal contracts to lease their land or mineral rights to Bridge, which continues its natural gas exploration in the region.